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Отзыв от 21 июня 2010 года

Пансионат «Солнечный берег»

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21 июня 2010


Отзыв: Hello,

I've been around the world and seen a lot of different places and have spent years in Crimea. I really liked this place, although I was there less than a full day.

The beach was excellent with a lovely view of a sunset you'll probably only see on the west coast of crimea.

The room we had was clean and comfortable and a couple minutes walk to the beach.

We only ate at the restaurant, had grilled pork, it was very nicely done on an open fire.

Most of the cars parked there were top of the line and many from right in crimea, meaning the locals are going there.

The staff was really nice to me, more than helpful and I met the director he seemed like a nice guy who was concerned about everyone's impression.

I saw some pictures from a couple of years ago, the territory has really changed since then, a lot of the plants have come into bloom and the places is very eye pleasing.

It's also one of the better places for kids with a nice playground and a nice shallow beach.

Anyway, I give them kudos and plan to go back soon. I am sure that this is the kind of place that gets better every time you go there as they are always trying to improve.

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